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SMD Magazines

A clean way to organize and consume SMD components.
The SMD magazines are a way of storing, organizing and consuming SMD components for your PCB assembly. They can be labeled and stored on shelves so you can find and use them very quickly. When doing a PCBA run simply grab the ones you need, attach them to the rail and you are good ready to go! This project is supposed to make PCBA by hand efficient, affordable and a whole lot more fun!

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Pixel Pump

The Pixel Pump is an open source vacuum pump for manual SMT assembly. It comes with a comfortable pen, a foot pedal and has a variety of features that make hand assembly a lot more fun.

Delivery Info

I am using negotiated shipping rates to make international shipment fast and affordable. As this project is not my day job I am trying to fulfil any orders as fast as possible. Usually the parcels are ready for carrier pickup the same day you place an order. 🚀 If your country does not appear on checkout you can ping me on Twitter @robin7331 and I'll fix that for you. 🌍